How can we spark interest and support for the sciences? I believe it starts with a good story.

Stories fuel interaction and understanding - giving us the ability to learn, connect, inform, and inspire.

Keepers of our Coast

"It's easy to see our coastline as a static feature," says Laura Moore. "But as a geoscientist, I know that our coast is anything but static." 

To better understand the constant transformation of our coastline, Moore and her students are surveying dunes in Atlantic Beach, NC.  

Into the Stratosphere

Danny Bowman started launching balloons into the sky above his home in Socorro, Arizona as a high school student. 

Now he's launching more sophisticated balloons, and using them to send infrasound equipment to the far reaches of the stratosphere.

The Heart of the Earth

Llaima, located in the northern Patagonia region of Chile, is one of the most active volcanoes in South America. It last erupted in 2008.  

A team of researchers, led by Jonathan Lees, set out to install new equipment to gain better measurements of the volcano's seismic activity.