Backyard Deep

Produced for the Schmidt Ocean Institute, this video highlights the accomplishments of the Girguis lab during their three week expedition off the coast of California, including new knowledge about a unique deep sea ecosystem and how some of these findings can be applied to research on other planets. Learn more here.

Reef. Sleep. Repeat.

In December of 2017, two graduate students from the UNC Department of Marine Sciences spent 10 days transplanting corals on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in southern Belize. Justin Baumann, the lead scientist, asked me to come along to document the project.

This piece originally appeared on and is republished here with permission. 

The Doing of It

It all started when I e-mailed Jon back in February. "Mt. Shasta this May," I said. "Just an idea." That idea turned into a two week road trip through the Cascades, starting in Seattle and ending in San Francisco. Along the way we visited four national parks, hiked over 50,000 feet of elevation change, and reached the summit of two snow-covered volcanoes. The idea of alpine climbing is one thing. The doing of it, we learned, is another thing entirely.

Into the Stratosphere

Danny Bowman started launching home-made balloons in the desert when he was 15-years-old. Now, as a PhD candidate at UNC, Bowman launches payloads 20 miles into the sky on board NASA Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility balloons as part of the High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) program. 

This piece originally appeared on and is republished here with permission. 

The Georgia Death Race

Welcome to the south y'all. Welcome to the hardest race under 100 miles east of the Mississippi. This point to point ultra marathon in north Georgia, with 40,000 feet of elevation change, is truly one of a kind. Runners have 24 hours to finish the course by the power of their own two feet. All runners must qualify for the race by having finished a 50k or longer within 365 days of this years race. The race has a 60% finishing rate from those who actually show up.